Bonnie Bogovich

  • Audio Designer and Voice Artist / Voice Actor
  • Austin, TX, USA
  • Nov 26, 2018
Contractor Education Information Technology Media-Journalism Other Training

Personal Summary

Native of Pittsburgh, PA and recently relocated to Austin,TX, Bonnie has spent over a decade working on a variety of audio for educational products, virtual and augmented reality simulations and computer/video games as well as interactive experiences, and theme park attractions. Notable titles include:  “I Expect You To Die”, "Race to the Beach" (Sea World), “Frostbound”, “Annihilator”, "Bard's Tale", "Lord of the Rings Online", “Aven Colony”, “World of Lexica”, “Daniel Tiger: Stop and Go Potty”, “Baker Street Experience”, "Amplify Education" and “Pugmire”.

She is the Artistic Director of “Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera“, Music Director of “Super Smash Opera“ and an arranger and vocalist for a plethora of video game tribute albums by record label The Materia Collective. As a voice actor, she can be heard in a variety of audio drama and interactive audio projects including: "Pathfinder: Kingmaker", "I Expect You To Die", "Pugmire", "Call to the Flame",  "Little Big Animation", "Water Bears", "Happy Atoms", and "The Baker Street Experience". She is a voice artist and the sound designer and composer of "The Dracula Radioplay" by Cryptic Canticles and an active arranger and vocalist for a plethora of video game tribute albums by Materia Collective. She has also worked as an Adjunct Professor of Media/Audio for Art Institute of Austin.

Bonnie has performed with musical companies including Pittsburgh Savoyards, Undercroft Opera, Chorus Austin Symphonic Choir, Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Austin, Microscopic Opera, Renaissance City Choir, and a variety of new productions.

She has served on organizations including the Great Lake Film Association, Parsec, Pittsburgh Savoyards, G.A.N.G., IASIG, GANG Voice Actors Coalition, and the IGDA VAMR SIG. Judge for Spillprisen, IGF, Indiecade, GLFA, IGDA Boardgames, and reviewer for Focal Press. She is an active, panelist/presenter at events including but not limited to AES, MAGfest, GameSoundCon, Confluence, and GDC.

Work Experience

Audio Designer / Vocal Artist / Owner
Nov 2006 - BlackCatBonifide LLC

"What the ear needs; sound effects, music, voice, implementation, and sometimes zombies!"

Video game, interactive media, and audio fiction sound design and audio engineering:

Voiceover, Voice Narration, Performance, Vocal Art and Recording Artist:

Panelist, Presenter, and Mentor
Jul 2002 - BlackCatBonifide LLC

Public appearances, panels, presentation, speaker engagements, interviews, and more!

Topics: Game Audio, Women in Games, Social Media, Parody and Fan-Based Music

Advanced Artist: Sound Design / Composition
Mar 2011 - Nov 2016 Schell Games, Pittsburgh PA

Lead Audio for a variety of interactive toys, video games, amusement park exhibits, virtual reality experiences and educational media; sound design, music composition and arranging, vocal recording/coaching, foley artist, audio asset implementation, and voice artist (creature and human).

"SuperChem VR" - (HTC Vive) IES and SBIR w Schell Games
"I Expect You To Die" - (Oculus Touch and Playstation VR) Schell Games
"Frostbound" - (Google Daydream) Schell Games
"Happy Atoms" - (iPad) Thames & Kosmos
"Mega Mall" with Peg + Cat (web) - PBS Kids
"Hair Salon" with Peg + Cat (web) - PBS Kids
"Baker Street Experience" (Amazon Echo) - Schell Games
“Domino World” (Tango) - Google Tango
"'Hair Salon' with Peg + Cat" (web) - PBS
"'Stop and Go Potty' with Daniel Tiger" (iPad) - Schell Games and Fred Rogers Company
"Water Bears VR" - (HTC Vive) Schell Games
"I Expect You To Die”​ Demo - (Oculus) Schell Games
"Water Bears"​ - (ipad/iphone) Creativity Labs, Glass Lab, and Schell Games
"Puzzle Clubhouse"​ - (web) Schell Games
"PlayForward Elm City Stories"​ - (iPad) Yale
"Tunnel Tail"​ – (iPhone) BEST and Schell Games
"Mechatars"​ – (web) Bossa Nova Robotics and Schell Games
"Innercube"​ – (Steam and Ouya) Schell Games
"Triazzle Island"​ – (pc) Dan Gilbert and Schell Games
"Race for the Beach"​ (exhibit) – Sea World

"Daniel Tigers Neighborhood"​ – (web) Fred Rogers
My projects include: "Drive Trolley"​, "Tea Party"​, "Make Believe"​, "Doctor Daniel"​, "My Fish Tank"​, "My Bedtime"​, "​In My Bathroom"​, "Feel the Music"​, "Make a Card"​

"The World of Lexica"​ - (iPad) Amplify Education and Schell Games
and the following embedded minigames​:
"Inklings"​, "Mukashi Mukashi"​, "Venture"​, "Spelling Stone"​
"Sentence Sensibility"​

- Contractor "Sound Designer/Composer"​ starting March 2011
- Hired on as Full Time "Game Artist: Sound Design/Composition"​ May 2012
- promoted to "Advanced Artist: Sound Design/Composition" April 2015


MS Multimedia Technology
Sep 2001 - May 2005 Duquesne University
BA Music Technology
Sep 2000 - May 2004 Duquesne University